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10 Summer 2020 Playlists

It’s *sings* Summa Summa Tiiiimmee!

Because of quarantine and corona, we may not be getting the usual summertime feels. It really sucks, but we can’t let it get us down. We’re not traveling or having pool parties and such, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set the mood and make our own vibes! Since it’s Friday, let’s get into a summer Friday mood. Any summer vibe needs a summer playlist! Here’s a few for you guys to enjoy and either dance along too, vibe along to in the car, or chill with while poolside.

  1. Black Lives Matter
  2. The Cook(in)
  3. US Summer Hits Of The 10
  4. Jazz Vibes
  5. US Summer Hits Of The 90s
  6. Summer BBQ
  7. Summer Vibes
  8. Poolside Lounge
  9. The Obama’s Summer Favorites
  10. Songs of Summer

I hope you guys find a playlist or playlists that you love! If you did decide to listen to any of these, then let me know which one was your favorite that you just HAD to save. Let’s have a great summer and remember to keep signing petitions and donating to the Black Lives Matter causes!


    • They really do help give you the feel of summer despite this time. I’m glad you like them and thanks for reading and commenting!

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