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10 Gifts To Give Your Parents For Christmas: Blogmas Day 10

As children, our parents aim to give us the world and want to make sure that we have the best Christmas every year. Now as adults we want to turn around and return the favor. There’s only one problem…gifting to adults is hard! We’ve taken care of the grandparents who have everything in a previous post for blogmas, but what about the parents who seem to have everything!? That’s a tough one, but luckily, these ten items below will make perfect gifts for mom or dad!

1. Digital frame

Welcome to a new era where digital photo frames are taking place of your average frame and photobooks. These are perfect for your mom or dad because they can keep their memories close in a cool, new digital way! I love regular frames, but it’s hard to frame EVERY photo you have that you think deserves a moment. Now, that won’t be a problem for them!

2.Wine tumbler

Every parent that drinks wine needs a little wine tumbler. They’re perfect for when they’re on vacation! They also make a great gift for your parents to use if they’re a little accident prone and don’t want to spill anything on the carpet or floor (because wine is too precious to spill).

3. Spa set

I know you’re probably thinking that this one is directed just towards the mothers, but nope, you’re wrong! Spa sets are perfect for either mom or dad. Men get stressed out also and a hardworking man deserves a little luxury care just as a hardworking woman does. If he’s not used to doing things like this, it’s a perfect gift to get him to start. An even better idea is gifting both parents a set so they can relax and have spa days together!

4. Exercise bike

Growing up, I’ve always heard my mom say that she’s going to start working out (clearly I get that from her). If your parents are the same, you can gift them an exercise bike so they can no longer continue to say it but do it! Exercise bikes have always been a thing but lately, they’ve been getting really popular. The great thing about these bikes is that they go indoors and can be used no matter how the weather is looking outside.

5. Perfume/cologne

Perfume or cologne makes a perfect gift for your mom or dad because everyone loves to smell good! It’s even easier if they already have a favorite scent. My mom has a scent from Bath and Body Works that she loves and every year I try to get her the spray, lotion, and whatever else I can with that scent. You might think “well I want to switch it up this year”, which is great and you should do that too, but I promise there’s nothing like receiving your favorite scent as a gift as well!

6. Tablet

We are, not only in a tech age, but one where our devices need to be able to move with us. What I mean is that those bulky laptops are no longer acceptable with how a lot of us need to take work with us. We’re always moving around and need lightweight tech items that we can easily carry along. If your parents are busy bosses and they don’t have a tablet, buying one just might be the gift they didn’t know they needed.

On the flip side, if they’re not busy bosses, a tablet is a great gift just because it can be carried anywhere. Maybe they like to watch shows while cooking or needs to watch a video for how to do something, a tablet is great for doing so!

7. Fluffy robe

A fluffy robe is a must for anybody. They feel so comfy and are nice to have, especially after a shower. Gifting your parents a soft, fluffy robe will have them thanking you nonstop. Alongside that, if you get them each a fluffy robe, it’ll go great with the spa skit!

8. Air fryer

The air fryer has become very popular in the last few years, and there’s no question as to why. You can cook pretty much ANYTHING in them, they make cooking/frying less fattening, and they practically cut your cook time in half! Gifting this to your parents will be like a life-changing experience for them. On the flip side, you get some yummy meals made out of it every time you visit…sounds like a win/win to me.

9. Coffee machine

I don’t know what I would do without my coffee machine and I know your parents will feel the same with theirs. If they still have kids in the home, I’m sure that’s even more of a reason to see a coffee machine as a top-tier gift item.

Do they already have one? If they do, then maybe it’s time for a little upgrade! The popular Nespresso machine has been everyone’s favorite lately. Give them the gift that keeps on giving!

10. Watch

Last but not least, a watch will always be a staple gift in my opinion. They’re nice, classy, and make a great accessory for mom or dad. In a time where anyone can just look at their phones for the time, there are still some that like to check their watch. If you have a parent that’s obsessed with watches, then here is your sign to aid in the obsession and get them another one to wear.

All of these gifts are perfect for either mom or dad and will have them excited to use their new gift. Remember, we may want to give our parents the world for Christmas, but being with them each year is the best gift of all.

What do you plan on giving your parents for Christmas this year? Let me know in the comments!


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